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In 2018, Maison Wallonne de la Pêche has created the label “Hébergement Pêche” in partnership with the “Walloon holidays cottage Federation”, the “Walloon Rural Welcome” organisation and the “Walloon camping federation”.

This new label wants to simplificate the conditions of membership and have ambition to promote the fishing tourism. A lot of holidays cottage, camping and bed&breakfast will be certified.


Two majors conditions to get “Hébergement Pêche” label :

the fisherman must be able to go to fish on foot.

the fishing accomodation must be able to provide any informations about nearby fishing.


In theses accomodations, you will find a fishing folder realized by our association.

This folder contains informations about local fishing, how to buy a fishing licence. A guidebook about Walloon fishing regulation and fishing species will be also supplied.


Currently in Wallonia, eight sites are approved but many sites will be join the list.


the accomodations on Ourthe river :


camping “Wachirok” in Sainte-Ode

camping “Cherapont Lake” in Gouvy

camping “Val de l'Aisne” in Blier

holiday cottage “Vivier des Cresses” in Longchamps Flamisoul


the accomodations on Semois river :


camping Sagittaire (Saggitarius) in Rochehaut

camping “l’île de Faigneul” in Poupehan – Bouillon

“chalets de la Semois” in Alle-sur-Semois


the accomodations on Lesse river :


camping “Villatoile” in Dinant.

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